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  • Golf, not so much

    By SheGolfs
    Entertaining? Yup. Colorful? Absolutely. After all, it's by John Daly. Helpful? Not so much, even for the "bogey golfer" for whom it is purportedly written. JD has compiled a few tips, most of which are pretty common knowledge, and some pretty funny anecdotes from his experience with Pro-Am's. Read it for the stories and for yet a bit more insight in to what makes Daly great. Just don't expect this book to improve your game - even with lots of practice!
  • Very practical

    By Forestcityscott
    Great user friendly book for a mid to high handicapper looking to shave a couple strokes. (or more). This low tech user friendly guide to becoming a better golfer also sprinkles in some insight on John Daly's game and personal life.