The Dictator - Penelope Sky

The Dictator

By Penelope Sky

  • Release Date: 2019-02-19
  • Genre: Erotic Romance
Score: 4.5
From 656 Ratings


The only reason I'm still alive is because of the baby growing inside me.

My baby saved my life.

Now I'm a prisoner inside Cato's fortress. He's pissed at me, livid every time he looks at me. He refuses to sleep with me because now I'm the enemy.

But I miss him...and he misses me.

I only slept with Cato to save my father, but now he means something to me. I care about him, and I know he cares about me. 

Can I earn his forgiveness? Can I earn his trust?

But even if I do, will he shoot me anyway?


  • Till the last words...

    By thatasianashley
    I must’ve flipped through this one faster than I had with B&L because it ended so fast for me. Completely forgot about sleep with this one. The intensity was unreal. Surprise after surprise, I feel Crow & Button resonating through Cato and Sienna. And it’s GOOOOOD. It’s so good. I haven’t been this excited since the first time I received the ARC for B&L. You’ve had me “by the balls” since you first started releasing these books, Pene. I truly can’t contain my excitement to read Tyrant!
  • Amazing

    By cintaboots
    This book is just addicting I can’t stop reading! Every time I open her books I’m off the grid.
  • Amazing

    By Slm9678
    Omg... what’s next!! That’s the question you think every time you flip the page. A must read. Very book is the best from this author
  • Love

    By lswingruber
    Okay- I don’t read. But this series is aweeeesome. I love this writer. She keeps you so interested. I read this book in 2 days. Again, I don’t read!!! Found this author last year on a vacation and started this series in January. Can’t wait till March for the 3rd!
  • Too short

    By KB1997
    Same as the Banker, great story but way too short. 709 ebook pages leaves the reader short changed.
  • The dictator

    By ADB91815
    I rated this book a 4/5 because it wasn’t as intense as the other books written. It lacked the cat and mouse scheme that I’ve grown to love about Penelope sky’s writing style. I literally read every single book written by her, and I can honestly say, that I was worked up, excited and borderline anxious about reading the banker series whereas now that have finished 2/3 I’m disappointed and left hanging. Hopefully, The Skull King series will give me the fix I’m craving :).
  • The Dictator

    By Nay Nay 18
    In the second install of the banker series you find Siena who is now pregnant being held prisoner at Cato mansion until she gives birth. Cato promises Siena that she won’t live long enough to hold their child and he doesn’t seem to be bluffing at first. But as time goes on against his will what Siena and him once had slowly starts to bubble to the surface. He tries his best to ignore it but Siena isn’t giving up without a fight. Siena situation really does seem bleak but she can’t help but love the man that she had gotten to know. But when she witnesses something she can’t handle she realizes that the baby life is more important and manages to escape with the help of her brother. Realizing how much she misses him she willingly goes back but did she make the right choice for her and the baby...... Siena and Cato remind me so much of Crow and Pearl when their relationship first started off. Siena is head strong and doesn’t take crap from anyone even when dead is starring her in the face. Cato powerful, arrogant, and extremely rich and that’s just three “nice” ways to describe him but behind the monster is a man whose too afraid to except real love. Things seem to be looking up for them in the mean time but with a brother like Bates anything can happen.
  • Another rollercoaster

    By SimplyAsh
    The Dictator is such an addictive book! I never wanted to put it down! I kept telling myself, ok one more chapter and then bed or work. I was so wrapped up in Siena and Cato’s story, it’s a constant rush of info and emotions! Penelope is such a great writer for constantly creating books that keep readers on the edge of their seats. I even love how so much detail and story is put into all of the other characters, it really makes you bonded and in the story. I can’t wait for The Tyrant!
  • Captivating!!!!

    By Cynthia sanchez
    This book was a roller coaster I was holding my breathe in so many parts wondering what is going to happen!!! Penelope sky never lets me down! She always delivers the best books. I recommend all her books you will not regret it!
  • This is amazing

    By Prmamakel
    From the time I started reading until the end. You got me hooked and I can’t wait until the next book comes out.