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  • Love Me Like This

    By Dash Newbie
    Enjoyable story with magnetic attraction between the main characters that both of them try to deny. Ryan meets single dad Carter when her car breaks down near his house. She finds him cocky and he thinks she’s cute, but due to his circumstances accepts that he can look, but not take this any further. Further, his paranoia of strange people won’t even let the idea of a relationship form in his mind. Due to something from Carter’s past he keeps everyone at arms length, but there’s something special about Ryan that he can’t resist. Carter’s past doesn’t take long to catch up with him and he is left with choices to make that will impact the rest of his life and any chance of a future with Ryan.
  • cheesy

    By saraczee
    terribly cheesy. also on 7 year old acts like this. couldn’t get through it.
  • Questions

    By Great super duper book!!!
    I was left with so many questions after the book ended. Each chapter skipped too much, there wasn’t a flow. The transitions were choppy, which tanked the books flow. The guy of course withheld secrets even after they promised no more secrets. The guy never fully trusted the girl, always assuming she was out to get him. The son was like the Dalmatians in 101 Dalmatians, playing matchmaker. This book is literally a copy of 101 Dalmatians. The story wasn’t comprehensive or understandable. The company was not a very good bad guy, only talked about scarcely. The ending was dry. There wasn’t much chemistry or passion between the character and in the book. The summary sounded hot but the book wasn’t.