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  • Rylynn is her father’s daughter

    By Ryatsko
    Rylynn is her father’s daughter, i am in awe of her.... ...her strength, her drive, her sassiness, she is just amazing... This is the second book, and what a book! ...staying true to MC style, grit, action, suspense, and steam! It must read, addicting and compelling... bring on the next one!!
  • Second just as good as first

    By Astronima
    This is the second book in what is becoming my favorite trilogy by Ryan Michele. Fueled in Fire picks up where Connected in Pain leaves off. We get to explore more in the world of Crow and Rylynn. There are so many small things in this story that I would love to divulge, but won't because spoilers in reviews aren't cool... mkay. I feel like in this story we got to learn more about Crow. He wasn't quite so mysterious after reading book two. We got to see how he acted as the president of the Rebellion chapter, how he acted as a father, and a son. Ryan did an excellent job capturing the many sides of Crow and showing how each side blended together to make this strong leader who didn't put up with anything. Crow was balancing everything precariously and when one domino falls, it creates a fire that will ignite them all. He will have to battle to pick up all the dominos of his life and put them back. Rylynn showed her age a bit in this one for me. While you could tell she is an old soul, some of her actions were very much that of a nineteen-year-old girl. I think as she learns and grows, she will fill into the role destiny has for her. At the moment though, security and comfort of home has its appeal. Rylynn is working her job, and let me tell you the theory I have behind it is really out there, but I'm hoping not true. I guess I'll have to wait to see if in book three I'm right or not. All of our favorites from the first generation are here. We see more of Princess, Rhys, Merena, and everyone at the mother chapter. Rhys and Crow, grab some popcorn ladies and gents, it will send sparks. Even Princess brings forth her controlled fury. The family bond continues to grow and you realize that no distance will diminish the strength, loyalty, and love that is Ravage. This is book two in a trilogy. Don't say you weren't warned. Book one was a cliffhanger, and book two is one as well. That said for a trilogy, Ryan made the story flow well. This book had an arc that bleeds right in to book three. It was easy to follow along with the plots and subplots well. I highly recommend this trilogy, but if you don't like cliffhangers, wait until book three releases and grab them all.