Stripped Down - Erin McCarthy

Stripped Down

By Erin McCarthy

  • Release Date: 2018-10-22
  • Genre: Romantic Comedy
Score: 4
From 375 Ratings


His best friend’s hot older sister.

Her younger brother’s annoying sidekick.

And one forbidden kiss in high school…

It was complicated back then. It’s even more so now. 

Because former mean girl Sloane rolls back in town to find Rick stripping at a charity event like he was born with biceps.

And single dad Rick is her landlord. 

And her brother will murder him if he has sex with her. 

But sometimes you have to strip it all down to see what was there all along... 


  • Funny and warm

    By Disappointed loon
    The characters were easy to identify with and have you rooting for a happily ever after...
  • Excellent read, realistic and different

    By CandaceCC
    I enjoyed this book very much.
  • Too much

    By straighttalker198
    There were a lot of unnecessary junk added to try and make the book interesting and unexpected. The author overdid the book, which drew away from the chemistry and story. Too much extra stuff that didn’t need to be there, her dog, river, Sullivan’s extraness.
  • She does it again….

    By Miss Witching Powers..
    I liked this book, well I like anything Erin McCarthy writes, especially when the book starts with "I think you should all strip”
  • “I think you should all strip …."

    By Liz C. B.
    Anyone who has ever read my reviews knows that I I have a number of “go to” authors, but my first and foremost is always Erin McCarthy. I have yet to read a book by Erin and think to myself, well that was disappointing—never! I love a good series, and Erin has several. But, even a die-hard fan like myself has her favorites-“True Believers, and “Nashville Nights” were amazing; “Sexy in NYC” holds a special place because my favorite book of all by Erin is still “The Pregnancy Test,” which is in that series; and “Fast Track” and “Blurred Lines” are phenomenal. So, while I love Erin’s books and, especially her ability to create a worthy series, I am always hoping for another True Believer or Fast Track. A series that will draw me in and make me want to read the same book or books more than once. A series where I cannot wait for the next book to come out because I want to know which friend she is going to write about next…because in that first book she sets the tone and the storyline, and you know that you are going to have to wait until the very end for that one character (or two) to finally have their story told. I believe that her new series “Tap That” may just be that series! “Stripped Down” is the first book in Erin’s newest series, “Tap That.” In “Stripped Down,” we meet a group of long-time friends, including Lilly, Sullivan, Rick, Axl and a few other guys. Lilly suggests that the guys do a charity strip event to raise money for breast cancer research, in honor of their friend and Sullivan’s wife, Kendra’s, death. The guys all agree, except Sullivan. During the event, Rick and Sullivan’s sister, Sloane, reconnect. Best friends and family do not always mix well, especially if they already have a sorted history. This is the story about how people can change, and how complicated relationships can be…until they are not. I thoroughly enjoyed this book. It made me laugh out loud, took me back through, and sometimes wince at, my own high school memories, and made me wonder what is next? I voluntarily reviewed this book for free in exchange for a honest review. However, since I thoroughly enjoyed the book and wanted to get the next book in the series, “Strip Search,” anyway—which is already available—I bought both “Stripped Down” and “Strip Search.”
  • Fun, fun fun!

    By Xiaguan2014
    Erin McCarthy has gone back to her roots. A fun smexy read with a lot of heat and laughs keeping it all together! I for one LOVED this book and can’t wait for the next Tap That book!