Queen of the Dead (The Infinity Trials Book 4) - Robert J. Duperre

Queen of the Dead (The Infinity Trials Book 4)

By Robert J. Duperre

  • Release Date: 2018-09-08
  • Genre: Paranormal


Sometimes, with friends like these…

All is not well in Mercy Hills, even though Jacqueline has returned from her jaunt in another dimension. The authorities have arrived in the aftermath of the attack on Alexander Cottard’s business, and more prying eyes mean more risk for everyone involved, especially when Khayrat’s minions always seem to be five steps ahead.

At least the Otakus can take solace in the fact they’re now reunited. But even the five friends aren’t immune to the darkness seeping into Mercy Hills. When an outsider joins the fray, loyalties will be tested and relationships strained.

Now, Jacqueline and company don’t only have to worry about the Cottards, the Trials, and the government, but also strife from within. Which means they must face the greatest horror of all—the cracks that inevitably form in any friendship, no matter how strong.