An Awesome Guide to Motion - Jared Ewing

An Awesome Guide to Motion

By Jared Ewing

  • Release Date: 2018-06-01
  • Genre: Digital Media


Learn how to use the robust motion graphics tool developed by Apple called Motion. Ideal for editors and students new to Motion, this guide breaks down the complex Motion interface by guiding you through the use of the most popular features. Learn to leverage Motion to build templates that expand the capabilities of Final Cut Pro X. Behaviors, 3D objects, filters, and keying are just a few of the many Motion tools explained in this guide.

Updated during the summer of 2018, this version of the guide teaches you using the latest version of Motion 5. The first chapter assists in getting Motion installed on your Mac. Once established, the second chapter provides a high-level overview of the Motion workflow from creating to finishing a project. After the overview, your skills will build as we dive into each part of the workflow in greater detail. Designed by the worlds most valuable company, your time has come to learn how to use this professional motion graphics application with An Awesome Guide to Motion.