Foxy in Lingerie - Penelope Sky

Foxy in Lingerie

By Penelope Sky

  • Release Date: 2018-08-14
  • Genre: Contemporary
Score: 4.5
From 240 Ratings


I'm risking everything for Vanessa. 

One last time. 

I can't turn the other way and let her family be murdered by the Skull Kings. 

I have to do something. 

Maybe I can earn her father's trust. 

And finally get my woman back. 

**also contains Carter's story**


  • Amazing!!

    By Slm9678
    Griffin was a power house and the whole story line is amazing! This is a must read book!! The whole story keeps you on your toes. Every thing this author writes is super!!
  • Love this series!

    By cintaboots
    I’m so in love with Vanessa and bones!!! They are so perfect together I literally feel all their pain with them. I loved seeing carters story grow in this book too. Penelope is seriously so talented I love her books!
  • Omg

    By Prmamakel
    Never seen to amaze me. Loved it.
  • Better than Divine

    By Reena39
    After my disappointment reading Divine in Lingerie I went into Foxy in Lingerie with no expectations. I was happy to finally get a conclusion regarding Bones & Vanessa but the books seem to be dragging on now. With only to more books to go I don’t see how she ends it now without another cliffhanger & that will be the most disappointing.
  • Curious

    By Deede ervin
    I am so glad Griffin and Vanessa are together they deserve happiness and now if Carter will land Mia
  • More griffin!

    By Megsmit143
    I loved this book as I have all of the books in this series! I am so glad Vanessa and griffin are prominent throughout this story. I can’t wait to see what the next book holds. What will be resolved with the skull Kings?! I need more!
  • This blood war has come to an end

    By Reeree2706
    Foxy was flat out amazing. You get to feel all your emotions play out through each character. They say love conquers all. Well, I guess when dealing with the Barsettis, it does. Bones and Vanessa carried each other in their hearts even when forced apart. It’s only because he loves her so much that he’s able to put aside his hatred to save her family. A sigh of relief for the time being for them. Bring on baby Con and Muse! It’s good to see him on the mend. Crow is still the sexiest man ever. Even in middle age, he still commands the room. His love for his daughter is the key to it all. I can’t wait for her and Bones to marry and have beautiful little blonde haired, green eyed babies. It’s kinda scary how much the boys resemble their fathers. Carter is the spitting image of Cane. Their lives and loves are parallel. It’s going to interesting to see Mia pull him in and not let go. I’m betting there’s lots more guns and broken bones to come. All that’s left is Carmen...maybe her and Antonio should meet! Great job Penelope!
  • Oh My Bones

    By Rebecca Lynette
    I am so happy that Bones and Vanessa are FINALLY the together. The last couple books had my emotions everywhere. I think he is fully justified in the way he feels towards Crow. Now I’m so excited for Carter’s story!
  • Disappointed

    By Leojen81
    This book was just the ending of the last book and I think she split it off just for more money. It’s the same story over and over. Also it needs editing ( lots of mistakes). The books are so small and broke up it really should have only been maybe four books. This series is definitely not worth 100 dollars.
  • Foxy In Lingerie

    By Nay Nay 18
    Vanessa and Bones are finally back together and all would be great if it weren’t for the fact that Bones can’t get over what her family did to him and I don’t blame him. Now it’s Crows turn to prove himself and Bones isn’t going to make it easy. I’m happy that Conway and Sapphire are ok but I have a feeling the Skull Kings aren’t finished yet. Carter seems to be getting himself deeper and deeper into a situation that sooner or later he won’t be able to control and this Egor guy sounds worse than Bones and Tristan put together. Poor Mia no woman should have to go through what she’s been through. Book 11 was amazing it gave me everything and more. Even though this is Carter’s story I’m happy Vanessa and Bones story is still being told.