What You Need to Know Before You Travel to Scotland - The Non Fiction Author

What You Need to Know Before You Travel to Scotland

By The Non Fiction Author

  • Release Date: 2018-04-26
  • Genre: Europe


Scotland revels in its authenticity. As Europe moves closer towards a monotone culture and travel experience, this rugged northern nation showcases something entirely original. Landscapes roll uninhabited and untrammeled, deserted beaches hide beneath cliffs, tiny villages evoke impressions of yesteryear, and there's no limit to the adventure. Scotland is nothing like England. It's also hard to compare with the rest of Europe. Here's a country that genuinely delights in welcoming visitors, and one that offers irrefutable opportunities for exploration.

Rugged and dramatic, Scotland's land is almost unparalleled, rolling green across the country and cascading onto hidden beaches. It's rural and unchanged for centuries, winding roads passing dry stone walls and villages seemingly screaming of antiquity. Cities provide a new angle, Edinburgh and Glasgow vastly different but equally compelling. Throughout it all there's never any denying where you are. While the referendum for independence saw Scotland stay as part of the Great Britain, the country remains as unique as ever.

What You'll Learn Inside:

Welcome to the Scotland! Trip Planning Scottish Culture Edinburgh Glasgow The Central Belt Southern Scotland North East Scotland The Scottish Highlands and Islands