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  • Highly recommended

    By Anaxkolasi
    Collins is a Marine. He is home on a short leave when he meets Brookelyn. Brookelyn is a woman haunted by her past who is running and has no intention of getting close to anyone. They spend a night together and then don’t see each other for three years, when Collins sees her with a child who is his spitting image. But things are not what they seem and though he his beyond angry at her he makes some startling realizations. Will they be able to find a way through the mess that is her life? I really loved this book. I also enjoyed all the cameos from her previous books.
  • Hot! Hot! Hot!

    By ~Mindy Lou~
    If you love to read about real alpha men, you gotta read Sybil Bartel's books. Holy moly, does she really know how to bring us a hero who what I call a manly man. These men are pure Alpha. They are military trained. They are deadly. The best part, they are true protectors and so, so good to their women. Collin is everything I mentioned above and more. Every time I read one of Bartel's books, I gotta make room for a new favorite. I love that she also brings back past heroes to make an appearance in each new book. I'm reminded to why I love all these men. They all create the odd family that I wish I can be a part of. I started out not knowing how I feel about Brookelyn. She seemed too stubborn at first, but the more I read and learned about her situation, the more I felt compassion for her. I couldn't wait for Collins to come in and rescue her cause I knew he would. Merciless gave me the Alpha fix I needed but I can't wait for the next book. I'm greedy like that.