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  • Editing Nightmare

    By kris10lambert
    The plot was good, but it was difficult to read. There were missing words, misspelled words, substitutions, etc. on seemingly every page.
  • Annoying

    By Kamarae425
    Riddled with grammatical errors and obvious typos.
  • Sweet Crazy Song

    By sbsbrinson
    Enjoyed the book overall! It could be a bit disjointed in the story line at times. Good characters.
  • No

    By Great super duper book!!!
    The book was boring. I lost interest.
  • Sweet Crazy Song will keep readers gripping the pages.

    By Kyda1016
    I have loved every part of this book. An emotional gripping tale of love found among one of the deepest sorrows and a second chance for wrongs to be righted. Sweet Crazy Song will keep readers gripping the pages. Gideon King was a good man who impacted a lot of people in the best ways. When a car accident takes his life, it opens the door for healing among his nephews. Ruby Riley loves her job as a Kindergarten teacher, but when she loses her best friend and mentor to a tragic one car accident, the atmosphere at her workplace is forever changed. She thought she had seen the last of Gid’s rockstar nephew, Jonah, at the wake, but is surprised when he shows up to the school to help her rehearse the play Gideon was in charge of with the students. Struggling with the choice to share the last piece of Gideon with his nephew or keep it to herself, feelings for Jonah creep to the surface and ultimately help her to make a decision to share with him the deepest part of her heart. Jonah King hasn’t been home in 2 years. After a falling out with his brother’s left him as a solo act, he lost contact with them all. Or rather they chose not to have contact with him. When he comes back home for his Uncle’s wake the last thing he expects is a warm welcome. Jonah loses his uncle and his manager the same week But when he lays eyes on a feisty woman who tells him exactly what’s on her mind, he is instantly smitten and nothing else seems to matter. Getting a second chance to make things right with family and explore the chance at love doesn’t happen every day, and it’s up to Jonah to make sure he doesn’t screw it up.