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  • Couldn’t put it down.

    By Biff⚡️
    Great book👍. Not a big reader, but couldn’t stop reading this book.
  • Well written.

    By Bookreader225
    Couldn’t put it down.
  • What?

    By darbnmik
    This is the first time that I felt compelled to uh, provide constructive criticism. The narrator of this book needs to speak up. Way too soft spoken and overuses a hushed/whispered tone. It was exhausting straining to listen. Audiobooks should be spoken, not whispered.
  • Not Really

    By rose0z
    I like Stephen King and have been reading his books for several decades. This story bored me. It was as if he couldn't move the story forward. I felt like I kept reading the same thing over and over again. The story could have been condensed. It really wasn't a story that held any suspense or surprises, you knew exactly where it was going.
  • Great read

    By ULSimon
    King’s storytelling is topnotch in this one. Great characters too.
  • A story well told on Unknown entities

    By rahulnakmol
    Outside is a great read, bringing back the original writing and narrtion style of Mr. King. This kept me up all night giving me the thrills and spins as the horror unfolds to a redemption
  • Great... till the ending...

    By peeniskake
    Similar to the IT ending of killing a shape shifting alien... great read, disappointing ending.
  • The Outsider

    By Sl8run
    Good story, but why do you have to slip in your political views? That is not why I read your books.
  • Where’s a portal to a land of unspeakable horror when you need one?

    By da Drizzler
    Either the evil in Stephen Kings’s books come from our own inner fears or they pop out of a portal from another dimension. This book needed more than a few portals to save it. He broke from his formula as this “evil” came from some Mexican folklore called el churro or something. I’d rather go eat some churros. Stephen King still has more good stuff than most authors can dream about but I’d recommend waiting for his next one, he’ll deliver eventually.
  • Outsider

    By StupidApp123456789
    Great Book with very plain and boring ending that was predictable. It’s like King got tired of writing it and just closed it out to be done with it.