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    By Stanhop3234
    3.25* Love at first sight. Justice McBride knew the moment he saw Fiona O’Shea that she was the woman that was going to change his life. Fiona and her daughter Sophie have been running the festival circuit for the last twelve years. Alway moving from place to place selling jewelry, clogging and doing readings. The cards have foretold of a man coming into her life but she never thought a man like Justice existed and he seems to good to be true. Justice knows Fiona is scared, has secrets and she’s used to taking care of herself and Sophie. He knows their meant to be together but just as things are coming together Fiona’s passed threatens to take it all away. Good story and strong characters and I loved Sophie. With that being said I wish there was more story and that the last chapter was the epilogue because that’s how it read to me.