The Complete Guide to Fujifilm's X-100f - Tony Phillips

The Complete Guide to Fujifilm's X-100f

By Tony Phillips

  • Release Date: 2017-09-29
  • Genre: Art & Architecture


Written for Fujifilm’s outstanding X100F street camera, this is EVERYTHING X100F explained in easy to understand language! It is the Manual on Steroids and much more…

So if you’re uncertain about anything your X100F does, grab this book! It’s packed with clear tutorials and examples, with over 400 tips, tricks, and tweaks to help you master photography with your X100F.

In this 584-page full-color eBook, you’ll learn:

* About every mode, menu, button, function, and socket.

* How the new Fujifilm flash system works.
* How to capitalize on a 1/2000th flash sync speed – RHSS.
* All about the EF-X500 and Fujifilm wireless flash.
* Why the OVF is so, so good – and how to have fun with it.

Plus more!