Nantwich History Tour - Paul Hurley

Nantwich History Tour

By Paul Hurley

  • Release Date: 2017-02-15
  • Genre: Photography


Nantwich has been a very important town from the earliest days. It is the oldest of the three Cheshire Wiches or Wyches from which salt has been drawn, the other two being Northwich and Middlewich. During Roman times Nantwich was famous for the salt that was recovered here, Welsh Row being so-named as it is the road the Welsh used to enter the town to collect salt. In fact, its ancient name was Helath Wen (ëthe town of white saltí); the present name is derived from Nant meaning ëvaleí, and Wich meaning ëa salt springí. Other names for the town have been Wich-Malbank after the ancient family of Malbank, whose ancestor was one of Hugh Lupusís relations, and Namptwyche. Join Paul Hurley as he guides the reader through the townís charming streets, showing how its most recognisable landmarks and hiddenaway gems have transformed over time. With the help of a handy location map, readers are invited on this tour to discover for themselves the changing face of Nantwich.