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  • Great book, great references.

    By Gabriellparks
    This book was thrilling, the perfect mix of fact and story telling. Thank you for a new look into American history. A special thanks to the Daily Wire for recommending this read.
  • And They Want to Tear Down His Statue because......?

    By Chingouchkook
    Once again a very interesting and enjoyable read for us Patriots and US history buffs. DiCaprio’s reflection on Jackson was of a man who was focused on driving out Indians and no mention of Jackson as a fearless leader as well as a humane and genuine patriot.
  • Jackson saved the United States

    By Cey712
    The book is excellent, detailing how Jackson was able to save New Orleans and the nation from a British Invasion. He was able to do this by getting many different ethnic groups to unite and fight as one army. I could not put this book down!
  • Glorifying a genocidal autocrat as the quintessential American? No thanks

    By Andyk54
    Jackson was as mean spirited , bigoted and anti-democratic as we have ever seen in a POTUS. Find another source with more objectivity than this poorly written propaganda.
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