A Wild Fright in Deadwood - Ann Charles

A Wild Fright in Deadwood

By Ann Charles

  • Release Date: 2016-08-26
  • Genre: Horror
Score: 5
From 24 Ratings


Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned ... especially a dead one holding a grudge.

Back on Deadwood's list of Usual Suspects, Violet Parker is hip deep in wild frights and fired-up females. After juggling bitter threats, haunted buildings, and vengeful ghosts, the last thing she needs is a pair of bullheaded detectives trying to pin another murder on her tail. 

Can Violet find the real killer before she ends up behind bars? Or worse, on a slab at the morgue.


  • A Wild Fright in Deadwood

    By Sandy K. S.
    I have loved all of Ann's books, but this one is the BEST. Laughed so hard when Cooper met Prudence! Loved that it was several chapters longer, gave me a longer time to love my characters. Already waiting for the next one - oh my!
  • Can't get enough!

    By mcambra
    Violet, Doc, and the gang are back and up to their eyeballs in spooky stuff. Once again, Ann Charles has blown me away. Love is such an inadequate word to describe this series. So many laughs that you'll lose count. I can't get enough of it!
  • Hammer Time, lol!

    By math wizard
    Violet is at it again! Her and Doc are getting to learn more about each other skills. Violet finally admits to Doc she loves him, about time! Natalie wrecks havoc on Rex's car, way to go. Zoe and Reid are moving along nicely in the romance department. She won't admit it but the signs are all there. Coop is moving to slow with Natalie but I have hopes for them working it out. Harvey is active but no one person in particular. Romance is blooming! Now the mystery is moving along nicely! I love the addition of the boomerang war hammer, lol! If you do not read some of the previous books some information is missing and you have gaps. Ann Charles is and excellent yet humorous writer! The return of Dominick Materson should prove interesting. How much further is he going to help Violet? What part is the pig/ tattoo cult going to play in the future? Another albino is terminated what will show up next? So many questions and hopefully many more books to come. How developed will Coop's new talent be? Will him, Violet and Doc work together psychically? I look forward to the next mystery with the gang!
  • A Wild Fright is tops!

    By JWReinhold
    I know, you always hear "WOW, love this book!!" but the truth is, I do love these books! Ann Charles has a wicked sense of humor and it comes out in her books. From the first book in this series I have been hooked. These books are written with a sharp wit, snappy and quick dialogue and characters that are so well developed you wish they could be your best friends! In this seventh book in the series, we come face to face with one of Violets worst nightmares.....and Violet is thrown once again back on top of the list of usual suspects in another murder! Its up to her to find the truth before she is arrested. Please Ann, NEVER stop this series!