Melodic Rock Soloing for Guitar - Simon Pratt & Joseph Alexander

Melodic Rock Soloing for Guitar

By Simon Pratt & Joseph Alexander

  • Release Date: 2016-03-20
  • Genre: Music


Master the Art of Melodic Rock Soloing for Guitar

Jam-Packed with examples, exercises, techniques and improvisation strategies, Melodic Rock Soloing for Guitar contains all the tools you need to develop exciting and creative melodic solos.

Over 170 Notated Audio Examples, Solo Studies and Backing Tracks
Melodic Rock Soloing is written in clear English and guides you through the most important melodic techniques on the guitar.
You will master inventive uses of bends, legato, hybrid-picking, single-string scales. dynamics, vibrato and much more.

Too much information on What to play, not enough on How to play it?!
There are so many books available that only talk about scales and theory. Melodic Rock Soloing for Guitar helps you to get your hands dirty; fast! With only the minimum amount of theory included, the book is a practical, hands-on guide to making the most of your guitar solo. There are over 170 practical, useful examples that you can learn to help develop your melodic phrasing.

Melodic Rock Soloing for Guitar Includes
Extensive application of melodic techniques Bending, Legato, Vibrato, Note Choice, Forming Melodies and Picking 172 Musical, Notated Examples that you can download for free Complete Solo Studies Backing Tracks
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