The Wizard's Council - Cody J. Sherer

The Wizard's Council

By Cody J. Sherer

  • Release Date: 2015-11-04
  • Genre: Epic


War threatens the peaceful land of Canai. Rumors of the
reappearance of the Knights of Dyamer spread fear throughout Galimdor and the
neighboring kingdoms. The death of one of the nine Archwizards further
increased the distrust between those with magical powers and those without.

Emily, Princess of Galimdor and the only heir to the throne,
finds herself at the center of the intrigue and chaos. Her mentor, the
Archwizard Owyn, has been slain and whispers of a war between Galimdor and the
Wizards drive her to flee.  

Paul, a skilled swordsman with some aptitude for magic, is pulled into the
maelstrom while on a quest for revenge. On the tail of a member of the Knights
of Dyamer, the young man is drawn into a war between the two powerful factions.

Rolin, a wise and well-respected Archwizard, has taken on the role of leader of
the Wizards. Amidst the tumult within the ranks of the Wizards, he must find a
way to bring order lest they find themselves unprepared for the coming war.

Enter the world of Canai as it descends into turmoil. With the fate of the land
at stake, our heroes must face fear, danger, rejection, and even death to find
what they seek. Does this ragtag group of three have what it takes to stop the
Knights of Dyamer and usher in a new era of peace?