Evernote for Self-Publishing - Jose John

Evernote for Self-Publishing

By Jose John

  • Release Date: 2015-01-07
  • Genre: Computers


Do you want to build an exciting self publishing business?
Do you want to publish many books quickly?
Do you want to take control of your writing process?
Meet Evernote - the popular note taking app available on all of your devices, and its brilliant set of features that can power your self publishing business.

This short book on Self Publishing with Evernote shows you:
Why Evernote is a great tool on which to build your self publishing business How to use Evernote for Planning your next book(s) How to use Evernote for Writing your book How to use Evernote for Marketing your books How to use Evernote for Managing one or more book projects 10 easy tips to get started with Evernote for self publishing

Specifically, you will learn:
Why Scrivener is great for authors, but Evernote is better for self publishers How to efficiently conduct your research using Evernote's powerful wiki-feature How to collaborate with anyone on just a part, or all your book How to harness reminders and checklists in Evernote to keep your book projects on schedule How you can confidently save everything to Evernote but still keep it organized! How to quickly create a PDF draft at any point from your book written in Evernote How to use Evernote's unique features on iOS and Android to quickly evaluate several book ideas and review drafts How to export your work to Microsoft Word or Apple Pages to finish up for publication to common ebook formats How to run Google Keyword Planner tool on your Evernote drafts to discover SEO-friendly keywords

Get This Book NOW, and Transform Your Publishing Business with Evernote!